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Reading: Patient perceptions on hospital food service at Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya


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Patient perceptions on hospital food service at Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya


G. H. S. Fernando ,

Base Hospital, Udugama, Galle, LK
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C. J. Wijesinghe

University of Ruhuna, Galle, LK
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Department t of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
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Background: Hospital diet is an integral part of the management of in-ward patients. The quality of hospital food plays a major role in determining the overall satisfaction of patients with regards to their hospital stay.

Objective: To investigate the level of patient satisfaction with regards to the diet supplied at Teaching Hospital (TH), Karapitiya.

Methods: A descriptive, cross sectional study was conducted among 316 patients who received inward treatment at TH Karapitiya and consumed hospital diet. Data were collected using an interview-administered questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS statistical software.

Results: During the study period, only 27% of the in-ward patients consumed hospital diet. Of 316 included in the analysis, 13.6% rated hospital diet “good”, 59.7% “fair”, and 26.6% “unsatisfactory”. Patients were satisfied with the quantity of all types of food provided (above 85%), time of food distribution (90%), temperature of food (85%) and texture (86%). However, 31% of patients were unsatisfied with taste, 40% were unsatisfied with the smell of food and 29% were unsatisfied with the diversity of food provided. No significant association was found between overall satisfaction regarding food service and the patients' age, gender, ethnicity, educational level or length of hospital stay.

Conclusions: Patient perception on hospital food service at TH, Karapitiya was mostly favourable although patients were less satisfied about the quality of food. The proportion who consumed hospital food was low. Attempts must be taken to enhance the taste, smell and the diversity of food provided.
How to Cite: Fernando, G.H.S. and Wijesinghe, C.J., 2016. Patient perceptions on hospital food service at Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya. Galle Medical Journal, 20(2), pp.13–20. DOI:
Published on 03 May 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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